Filter School

Time to get educated!

Lesson #1: Why Should I Change My Filters?

A clean air filter is the most energy efficient, cost-effective way to protect your air conditioner or heater. It also prevents mildew, mold, and bacteria, which grow when dirt and water mix in a cool environment. Your air conditioning system is the perfect breeding ground for these nasty growths, and the best defense is a clean air filter. Dirty air conditioners also create these growths in the drain line, and can cause water to leak through the ceiling or run over the floor.

Lesson #2: How To Change Your Filters

Remove your existing filters and check the size printed on the side of the filters. If you do not see the size printed on the filter you can simply measure the exact opening of where the filter is located. Next insert your clean filter in its place, with the surface of the filter completely flat and arrows pointed in the direction of airflow. There are many different places a filter can be located. If you are not sure where to find yours, give us a call and we will help!

Lesson #3: When To Change Your Filters

We at GoGo Filters recommend changing your air filter every month, regardless of if it appears dirty or not. Playing it safe with your filters will not only save you money in prevented repairs, but will also keep your home in pristine condition. It is important to remember that just because your filter looks clean, doesn’t mean that it is. Many times large amounts of unseen microscopic dust, allergens, and bacteria cover these seemingly clean filters, meaning the best approach is simply to change them regularly.

Lesson #4: Tips And Tricks For Filter Care

  • Every filter should have an arrow pointing in the direction of the airflow.
  • If you’re not sure what direction the air is going, hold a piece of paper where the filter normally rests while the fan is running. This will show you the direction of the air, and help you to place the filter correctly.
  • Never block off the area around the filter with furniture, pictures, clothing, or other obstructions. These blockages will increase the likelihood and frequency of dirty filter related problems.
  • Dirty filters cause drastically reduced airflow and can make your A/C system freeze up. This can cause create catastrophic failure, and is something to watch for.