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Why Should I Change My Filters?

Your air filters are the single most important component of your cooling and heating system. Air filters are your only defense against dirt, dust, hair, pet dander, and allergens. Without a working filter they will spread throughout the duct system, to every air-conditioned space.

Then there’s the cost. Dirty filters create a dramatic change in airflow across the cooling and heating coil, making the system work harder and exponentially raising your energy bill. This takes valuable time off the life of you’re A/C system, leading to you having to buy a whole new system, an extremely pricey investment.

How Often Do I Change My Filters?

We at GoGo Filters advise you change you air filters once a month, every month.

There are many different theories on how often to change your air filter; we pride ourselves in giving you the filter option that’s best for your house, and your wallet. In my 20 years of working in the A/C industry I have found that changing our high quality GoGo Filters filters every month is the most cost and energy efficient choice. It is important to remember that- even if the filter looks clean, there can be microscopic pollutants covering its surface that need to be removed.

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Changing filters regularly helps your HVAC system work smarter (and faster!). Dirty filters slow down your system, making it work harder, which raises energy bills and contributes to eventual repairs. But clean filters? They save you all the way around.

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